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March 2015 Hope4Kids Report



In a couple of weeks, CFCD will be making seven years in existence since it was formed to serve Gods people especially those who are hurting in prisons and hospitals. Although we were formally registered by the government of Uganda in august 2008, it was on 20th may when God moved me to begin acting on the vision that he had put on my heart. I was visiting the sick in hospital to pray and share with them Gods word but a voice within me whispered “I need to do something extra to share a complete gospel”.

The sick people I used to share the gospel with were hungry, dirty and others needed clothing. Public hospitals in Uganda being the refugee for the poor, it was sad to visit and find the sick who needed treatment lacking the basics like food, medicines x-rays and surgeries. Our God is good! With thanks giving, Jesus Christ fed 5000 people with 2 fish and five loaves of bread. We believed in God to bring resources to feed his people and together with my team members we could not wait for support from the States, Europe or Africa to buy for us food to feed the sick.

To realize the hand of God in ministry, you take a step to serve with faith and action. In a way that is beyond mans understanding, God begins to work and everyone begins to wonder. I together with two ladies Justine and my wife Suzi begun contributing the little money we could get to feed the sick at Tororo hospital. We begun by cooking two kilograms of beans and three kilograms of corn bread. I would go to share the gospel and pray for the sick and these ladies would cook the food that would accompany the gospel. That’s when our outreaches began giving full hope to the hopeless who had surrendered to death and hunger.

The hospital and prisons ministries that we are involved in are not simple ministries because not many people have love for them to serve persistently and yet this is where the heart of God lies most. In a modern world with many communicable and non communicable diseases, people fear to contract sicknesses when they share and lay their hands on the sick. If the doctors and nurses had shunned to touch the bodies of the sick they treat, (although it’s wise to use protective gear) where could the world be?.

Sometimes it becomes threatening especially in Africa where you find the sick in most public hospitals lacking simple things to use for hygiene like soap and toothpaste. The wards and their beds are not clean in most cases not because they want it but because of poverty, they can’t buy a piece of sop that costs five cents of dollars.


Where we have Come From.

As a Charity organization, Christian Foundation has come from far. It’s a long journey! We should learn to be patient when we are doing work because at the appointed time God will provide for his work according to his will. CFCD is moving from glory to glory and from victory to victory. We may not have air conditioned offices and sophisticated modern tools to do ministry work but God himself has used us to reach out to many for Christ. The ministry has grown to serve the community at large not only praying for the sick and preaching in prisons but to also serve in other areas of food security, provision of safe water to the people of Teso and helping in education and kick starting hope among the communities whose livelihood was ravaged by war and Karamojong Cattle raids in Teso.

This is not because of our power but it’s because of Gods power. He has moved men and women from Uganda and the United States of America to support the cause of serving his people. All the achievements mentioned above are as a result of prayer, patience and hard work. The ministry still has a lot of challenges but with God everything is possible.



As I have already mentioned above, CFCD to reach where we are is because of your support. Together we are the body of Christ. Having different parts but supporting each other to fulfill the mission. Churches, individuals and organizations have supported Christian Foundation. Individuals like Gene and Elaine Toth did great work to connect us with Seaside Church through Hope4kids International. Seaside Church was the pioneer church to support our ministry. They begun supporting us with 50 dollars and continued to increase on the support. Although the support dropped drastically dulling the last two years due to the factors I may not know, your support helped us lay a strong foundation to lobby other organizations and individuals to support us.

On behalf of Christian Foundation for Community Development, I would like to thank Churches like Lord of Life Lutheran Church, First Christian Church in El-central, Individuals like Jenny Herzog’s, Cheryl Mae Dodson, Kent dirks,and others that I don’t know who may have contributed towards supporting us to help those in need.

Special thanks go to Tom and Angie of Hope4kids who accepted to channel all the support from these individuals and churches to us. If they didn’t have the heart of God to help, we wouldn’t have reached this far with your support. You may look at your contribution as small but combined together it has done great work.

We also can’t forget our other main partner Burning Bush International. The support they give us has tried to fill the gaps since last year when our support from Hope4kids reduced. Challenges may still be there to get funds to implement our programs but their coming in to support us was timely. We still need your support. The more you grow, the more challenges. My appeal to you is that you continue standing with us to serve those in need. Together we can make a difference. Looking forward to continue working in partnership with you.

God bless you urbandantly.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Maize flour 50 2000 100,000
2 Cooking oil 20 6000 120,000
3 Millet flour 50 3000 150,000
4 Meat 15 10,000 150,000
5 Spices 1 30,000 30,000
6 Sugar 50 3000 150,000
7 Milk formula 2 50 100,000
8 Toilet tissues 5 20,000 100,000
9 Soap 2 72,000 144,000
10 Sanitary pads 30 3000 90,000
11 Tooth paste 30 800 24,000
12 Tooth brushes 30 500 15,000
  TOTAL 1,270,000


Balance Forward (previous month 00
Donations (external wires-withdrawn) 1,000,000
Local Contribution (internal) 173,000
TOTAL INCOME 1,173,000
Running Balance 00