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October 2015 Hope4Kids Report



When I was growing up in the 80s, I saw men and women of God preaching the gospel and people touched by the Holy Spirit would respond to the alter call to receive Christ as their Lord and savior. As a young boy, I participated in these gospel outreaches with encouragement from my cousins who were Christians. We didn’t have loud speakers, microphones or key boards. There was no music band with modern instruments. All these things were in another form. A team of young men and women would use their mouth as microphones by speaking loud and the quoir would use local instruments to praise God and call people to accept Christ. In praising, Christians would use drums and clap hands. In town suburbs and villages God would bring many people to listen to the gospel. With signs and wonders people would accept Christ and get healed of their diseases. That is the time I saw serious Christian growth in Uganda.

In this 21st century, things have changed here in Uganda. To hold a crusade, you must use a lot of money. Technological advancement is good but it has affected the gospel here in Africa. Secular musicians have modern music instruments and public address system that majority of Christians don’t have. Their music is taken by radio/ Television stations to entertain people in public places and homes. A Christian who reads this knows what it means. The music message communicated sometimes is that of immorality leading so many people into witchcraft, pornography (because some musicians are almost nude when presenting shows) and this has affected Christian growth. In adition to that, some Christian ministers have promoted the prosperity and miracle gospel instead of promoting the gospel of repentance in Jesus Christ. Here people go to such ministers the way they visit witch doctors. Gospel crusades have become more of public relations because people are no longer enthusiastic about them.

This is where gospel ministers need to be wise. There are so many things hindering the gospel to be preached including religious extremism in many parts of the world. People are being killed in countries like Syria, Iraq and in north and West Africa because they belong to Christianity. World leaders may talk peace and religious freedom but where the devil sees its kingdom being dismantled it cannot rest. It’s fighting back using murder and misusing technology as a tool to fight Christianity. The bible talks about wisdom. Mathew 10:16. “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves, therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. James Chapter 1:5. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him” talks about us being wise as serpents and calm as doves. Our God is omniscient and we have to devise effective means of reaching out to Gods people. That’s what Christian Foundation is doing.

Where we don’t have the money to hold gospel crusades, God has directed us to reach out to students and people who are hurting in hospitals and prisons. Not only have we delivered relief in those areas but we have preached the gospel of the Kingdom telling the good news about Christ.

In Prisons and Hospitals.

Here in Uganda, prisons and hospitals are not attractive places to visit for the sake of the gospel.

In hospitals especially public ones that are visited by the poor, some gospel ministers are not comfortable to visit sometimes because of the poor environment and sometimes they fear that they will contract diseases. In Prisons; some gospel ministers are ignorant about the law and they think every prisoner is a criminal. According to the Ugandan law a person is innocent until he is proven guilty. There are so many people both the educated and non educated including Christians who are taken in as suspects yet they are innocent. It’s common to find criminals mingled with innocent ones because of this law. These people need Jesus. They also need Love and care because John 3:16 tells us how God loved the world so that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. And to believe in Jesus these people have to be preached to.

There is a secret in preaching to these people found in the book of Mathew chapter 25. It’s a common scripture but with a lot of meaning.

Why Hospital, Schools and Prisons?

As I have mentioned above, the devil has used technology and prosperity gospel to kill the Kingdom of God. Yes we need money and we need technology. Are we competitive enough to use technology to reach out to Gods people who are hurting? We don’t need too much prosperity gospel but we need to be taught in church how to work hard and give to promote the Kingdom of God. Even if we talk much about the prosperity gospel, things are not going to follow down from heaven like manna and we become rich.

The Lord will always bless the work of our hands. You work hard, God blesses and you give back to God to promote his Kingdom. People in African hospitals need food, medicines and care. Prisoners need the same. Remember Mathew 25. The groups that are ripe for preaching don’t money to make many adverts on radios and television. They don’t need big microphones and key boards to preach to them. Interestingly, here in Uganda any person can be a prisoner and anybody can fall sick. When you appear before these people, God moves. What we need is to work formally with hospital, prison and school authorities to reach out to these people. God does not make a mistake. He mobilizes for us and our work is to Preach.

With the support from Seaside church and other partners, CFCD has been able to reach out to thousands of prisoners over the years and many have come to Christ. A gospel accompanied with a material blessing in these places does much for Christ. That’s why we appreciate the efforts of men and women like Gene and Elaine who have supported us over the years. God bless you all.

Reported by, Eric Sabiiti Alinda.


in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Rice 50 3,000 150,000
2 Beans 30 2,800 84,000
3 Posho flour 50 2,000 100,000
4 Millet flour 100 3,000 300,000
5 Meat 20 8,000 160,000
6 Spices 1 50,000 50,000
7 Charcoal 1 45,000 45,000
8 Milk formula 2 50,000 100,000
9 Ordinary milk 150 1,800 270,000
10 Sugar 50 3,000 150,000
11 Sugar 50 3,000 150,000
12 Tooth paste 40 1,000 40,000
13 Tooth brushes 40 500 20,000
14 Soap 2 72,000 144,000
15 Sanitary pads 30 3,000 90,000
16 Toilet tissues 8 20,00 160,00
17 Communication 1 200,000 200,000
18 Rent 6 95,000 570,000
  TOTAL 2,633,000


Balance Forward (previous month 00
Donations (external wires-withdrawn) 2,500,000
Local Contribution (internal) 133,000
TOTAL INCOME 2,633,000
Running Balance 00