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JUNE 2014


Brethrens praise Jesus! the lord is good all the time. Christian Foundation is one of the ministries God has blessed in Tororo to bless the lives of many suffering people especially in hospitals and prisons. Although many people look at CFCD as Christian Organization that takes the love of Christ to prisons and hospitals, God has given us a clear vision to look at other areas like fighting malnutrition in children and adults in many communities of Tororo. It is difficult to tell somebody that God loves you when he or she has been struck by poverty and sickness. What if he says if God loves me why has he allowed all this to happen to me? So it is important to teach them about the Lords goodness and love as you help them to recover from their sicknesses! That’s why CFCD emphasizes the life of salvation in Jesus not forgetting people need to live a dignified life.

That’s why we have programs like nutrition, hygiene and sanitation and others. Recently, we took a step in addressing malnutrition at the village level by establishing a Feeding and Nutrition Center in Magodes, Mollo Sub-county where we have 25 malnourished kids that we are taking care of. We are also training mothers on good nutrition habits at the same Center so that they learn how to feed their babies. We feed these kids lunch and feed them on milk formula morning and evening. Off course the mothers come for them every evening and bring them back in the morning. Once money is availed we are going to empower the community beginning with the mothers of malnourished kids that we identify in the hospital/ the community with seeds so that they will be in position to feed their kids once they leave the Center.


Rescue of Malnourished Kids and Adults who Need Surgeries from Different Villages of Tororo by Hope4Kids Medical Outreach Team

This month has not been easy for us because during the medical outreach conducted by Hope4 kids Medical team in different villages, some kids and adults who needed surgery were identified and brought in to our attention for help. Dr Army Stone did great work to bless us with1,000,000 shillings and it is still helping us. We tagged it (money) to malnourished kids especially those who were identified by the team in the villages. Although one kid died, the rest are improving steadly and we are still continuing to help/support them. These patients from villages found when we had enough of the malnourished kids on the table and we had constraints.

We thank God because we were able to help all (Including the ones we had) but with some debts on our table which we believe in God to pay. We thank hope4kids especially Dr Army Stone through Angie who saw the need of helping us during this time.

Big thanks go to those who visited with the team from CFCD and had time with the sick at Tororo hospital. May the almighty God bless you and continue opening for you doors of blessings so that you continue blessing his people who are sick, hungry and distressed in both prison and hospital.



We still have a challenge of limited resources to accomplish our desire to serve the Lord. Our ministry needs enough finances so that we are able to reach out to so many people of God who need referrals, surgeries, X-ray, Scans and feeding the malnourished kids we identify in the hospital and villages. Also we can’t forget taking the good news of the Kingdom in many parts of Uganda. May God bless you as you stand with us in prayer and financially.



in Ug Shs
in Ug Shs
1 Beans 30 2500 75,000
2 Eggs 10 10,000 100,000
3 Cooking oil 20 6000 120,000
4 Maize flour 30 2000 60,000
5 Sugar 50 3000 150,000
6 Milk formula 2 50,000 100,000
7 Ordinary milk 200 1800 360,000
8 Toilet tissues 10 20,000 200,000
9 Soap 4 72,000 288,000
10 Disinfectant 2 40,000 80,000
  TOTAL 1,533,000


Balance Forward (previous month 00
Donations (external wires-withdrawn) 1,500,000
Local Contribution (internal) 33,000
TOTAL INCOME 1,533,000
Running Balance 00

Reported by
Acham Stella Suzan